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You'll Grow Soon, Alex - Andrea Shavick, Russell Ayto

I just used this book for tutoring and it is one of those books that just keeps getting better and better the more you read it and the more you think about it! Normally, I don't ruin a good story, but for this I will! This book follows a little boy named Alex. Alex is very short and he HATES it. He asks different people what will make him grow. He does all these things, but nothing seems to work. He decides he will ask the tallest person he knows for advice, Uncle Danny. Uncle Danny shows him its not the greatest being tall and he tells Alex to do things that make him happy to grow on the inside and not the outside. I love this book because we all struggle with being self-conscious and wanting what we are not. I would use this book in my classroom as a way of encouraging students to love themselves and to grow on the inside! I would use this for elementary grades 4th grade and below.